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NEW--pictures from Eniwetok, 1964/5


Hell Week for UDT Class 33

by Fred Kaiser


I'll bet you think you remember it well-- check out The Real Story


The party was at Julia Viera's in August '07

Julia's PartyHere's the photo album. Don't have captions as yet so if you've got some ideas email them to me at Vern@SilkShorts.com. Also would appreciate your emailing me any more pictures of the fiesta that you don't mind showing on the Internet so I can add to this album.


Adventure In The Amazon or "Diamonds are for Never"

by Mike Hammond

A get-rich-quick venture that turned into a life-altering journey.  It would have been so much easier if it weren't for the alligator!  Bom divertimento!

 You can download a pdf version of this book here (245 Megabytes)

Jan 2007 First Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

A good memory is a dangerous thing to have. Judge for yourself this account by our official historian. Be prepared for Stark Reality

Jan 2008 Second Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

Ah, 12 months gave plenty of time for everyone to forget the stories they told in 2007 so, joy of joys, they can all be told again.  Here's more Stuck Reality 

Feb-Mar 2009 Third Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

Our third annual frog ski weekend included was well attended and as with past years everyone had a good time or at least an interesting diversion from their normal routines.   Here's more Slick Reality 

March 15-18 2011 Fifth Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

Now, with 5 years of practice, we have mastered the art of listening to all the old stories as though we didn't remember hearing them before. Here's more about the adventures and how Stack got Stuck.

March 19-23 2013 Seventh Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

Now, with 7 years of abusing our minds and bodys we did it again. We had the good fortune to see the incredibly rare Tahoe waterspout. There were deniers, however, and that's sad. Here's the complete story.

March 27-31 Eighth Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

Bravely battling bruises, the intrepid geriatric, liberal, conservative, cantankerous, confrontational, hubritic group of storytelling amnesiacs gathered to embellish tried and true tales of derring-do, and clear up any misunderstandings their comrades harbored about the political realities of modern day America. Clench your jaw and read about it HERE.

March 14-18 Tenth Tahoe Snow Fest

by Mike Hammond

The motley, hard-core, fearless, middle of the road, codgers again met, but this time missing some of their frenetic friends and leaving them to eat, drink, ski, and tell the tales as they sort of remember them. Sadly, no one spotted the Tahoe Waterspout during the fest, which last appeared at the 2013 Snow Fest. Well, you'll find all the details HERE.

1982 Cruising in Tahiti--Reverie on a Midwatch

by Vern Clinton

Memories are all that remain when the dust clears

Fresh Out of the Box -- Log from Misty

The Authorby Vern Clinton

2002 Transit of the Panama Canal and cruising the Pacific coast to Zihuatanejo


Typhoon 'Meli' -- An Account of Survival

by Vern Clinton

Typhoon Meli sank 85 boats in Fiji in 1980--including 'Chimera' a 27 foot sloop and 'Ocean Rover' a 37 foot Searunner Trimaran

Old Frog Remembering Tahiti

by Vern Clinton

Two Weeks on Tamatea